Sunday, September 7, 2008

Teens Turning Green Launches at Whole Foods Market

Teens Turning Green Launches
at Whole Foods Market

For the first time in history, an eco body care line for teens by teens. The next generation has the power to bring about change. Where better to start than one’s own body?

Sausalito, CA - Introducing Teens Turning Green, an unprecedented collection of eco body care products just for teens , sold exclusively at Whole Foods Market. A collaboration between inspiring green companies and Bay Area based non-profit Teens for Safe Cosmetics, Teens Turning Green will launch on the shelves of Whole Foods Market nationwide in late September.

Hand-selected by teens for safety, sustainability, and practicality, all products attain Whole Foods Market Premium Body Care Standard, the most comprehensive in retail. The nine products that will launch Teens Turning Green were vetted and chosen by campaign members over a year’s time and incorporate how age, skin type, and environment affect teenage skin and bodies. “We asked each company to create distinctive products that would stand out,” said Carly Wertheim of Teens for Safe Cosmetics. “Our products are formulated with the safest (Premium) ingredients and incorporate sustainable packaging with mindful business practices. These products are memorable with great scents and textures, but above all they really work.”

Teens Turning Green features products from seven companies including four based in the Bay Area - Benedetta, Depth, EO Products, and Pomega5 - as well as Alaffia in Olympia, Washington, Astara in Phoenix, Arizona, and Terra Naturals in Toronto, Canada.

“Our goal is to affect change in a positive and collaborative way through partnerships with companies that are already doing right by our bodies and planet,” says Erin Schrode, lead campaign spokeswoman. “When information is available and alternatives are accessible, people begin to think critically and that prompts change. If what you put on your body 24/7 could be potentially harmful, why do it?”

“This unprecedented line of products for teens ( that adults will love as well ) shows that you don’t have to choose beauty over health,” said Judi Shils, Director of Teens for Safe Cosmetics. This line will grow to encompass all aspects of an eco-conscious lifestyle, all that teens encounter 24/7; we hope that the Teens Turning Green collection will inspire teens to not only protect their health, but also sustain their world.”

We do not have to choose beauty over health. Teens Turning Green promotes a thoughtful mindset that values the earth and believes in future generations. It is about individual choices supported by collective efforts: one simple step towards a greener lifestyle. The paradigm can be shifted, but the choice must first be made to band together and think full circle.

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