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Make a Green Splash With Eco-Friendly Promotional Items From PromosMatter -FREE Organic T-Shirt Giveaway!

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Q&A with PromosMatter

About PromosMatter:
PromosMatter is a direct marketing promotional products company, offering more than 350,000 products through a network of 3,000 plus suppliers. Kim Martin, the owner of PromosMatter, incorporated in October of 2007 after working from home and with another promotional company. In March of 2008, PromosMatter opened their retail location in Bartlett, TN.

CELESTE: Tell us how companies can go green when it comes to their promotional materials.

KIM: There is a wide variety of eco-friendly concepts in the promotional market today. Suppliers and manufacturers are providing items made from sustainable sources - examples being cups made from potatoes, beets, pens made from corn to lanyards made from bamboo. There is a movement to lower the amount of packing materials goods need to be shipped and making sure packing can be recycled. Even a resurgent in refillable/reusable goods such as pens, spray bottles, and travel packs has started to sweep the industry.
Many manufactures are going to organic materials and/or green process to create goods for the market. It’s always good to be able to show people that this process is having a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

CELESTE: What statement is a business making to their customers when they provide eco-friendly giveaway products?

KIM: It is real simple – a company giving out eco friendly products is saying to their customer base, “We are not only interested in the bottom line but we have our eyes on the future.” Everyone knows that things are changing. Showing that you are ahead of the curve is never a bad idea.

CELESTE: How is PromosMatter, Inc., different from the rest of the companies out there who provide eco-friendly promotional items?

KIM: All promotional products companies have access to eco-friendly products. What we at PromosMatter are doing is just making so much easier. We have created an entire catalog of green, organic, and eco-friendly products on our web site As you will see, we gave these once second class citizens of the promotional world, a place on the front page of our web site.

In talking to our customers, we educate many of them on greener options – a recycled material, a reusable product, or just something with less packaging. Even in our showroom, we have an entire display dedicated to Eco-Friendly advertising so customers can handle the products and decide what best suits their needs. We want to help everybody get their name out to their customer base as effectively as possible and being green is one of those ways.

CELESTE: Your best selling green product is?

KIM: PromosMatter doesn’t have one best selling green product. We have seen an increase in customers requesting t-shirts made from sustainable or organic materials, which can be imprinted with eco friendly or soy based inks. We also have a large customer base for eco -friendly pens, which are made from corn products, recycled plastic, or recycled cardboard. As a whole, the industry has seen a switch from use once and toss to reusable products.

CELESTE: If you could share a secret with businesses about eco-friendly promotional products--what would you tell them that they may not already be aware of?

KIM: Something as innocent as a ceramic coffee cup is one of the most eco-friendly products there is - simply because they are reusable. Paper and styrofoam fill trash bags and landfills every day in this country. Many companies have forgotten many of the best promotional products can be washed and reused rather than thrown in the trash. This simple fact makes putting your company’s logo on a reusable product more visible to your customers and Eco Friendly when you stress the reusable concept.

I know of one company, which did away with the use of styrofoam cups and replaced them with washable coffee cups for the employees, made good business sense all the way around.

CELESTE: If a company comes to you with small budget but wants to make a big green splash---which product(s) would you recommend?

KIM: Recycled Sports Bottles that are BPA free would be my first suggestion. People carry their water bottles everywhere these days. Many states and municipalities have started to regulate the sale of bottled water making sports bottles a much more desirable promotional product. These bottles have a relatively large imprint area so a company’s name will be seen. It is also important to remember these bottles are reusable. I would like to stress when ordering it is very important to for a company to be specific and request recycled plastic that are certified BPA free. The price, set-up fees, and minimums can be low compared to other promotional items. Because they are plastic, being lighter than other products, shipping is also less costly saving money.

CELESTE: What has been the most memorable promotional product you have designed for a business?

KIM: Trying to get a tree frog with the companies name on latex balloons has been the most challenging. The frog was multi dimensional and multi colored, as tree frogs are known to be. In order to keep the cost down for the client we reworked the art so it was a single color, while maintaining the integrity of the tree frog. I must admit I learned a lot about art that day.

CELESTE: Any other eco-friendly ideas for businesses looking to make a green statement?

KIM: The old teacher adage, “Monitor & Adjust.” Look around.

Do ANY of the products currently being used in business have a recycled, green, organic, or more eco-friendly equivalent that will meet the needs of the business while providing for the environment?

Can ANY of the products you have in your business be greened up?

Other ideas:
  • Add recycling bins to the hallways and break areas can be a planet saver.
  • Get everybody flash drives instead of having to make copies to move files around.
  • Offer an embroidered jacket with the company logo to your employees and lower the thermostat in the winter is another great idea.
PromosMatter through our network of suppliers has over 3,000 eco-friendly products with more being adding on a regular basis. If a business is unsure where to start, they can call one of our representatives, 901-347-0468 or e-mail and we can help get them started.

CELESTE: Have you considered teaming up with an organic/natural cosmetic company to offer personalized items specifically for men and women? (Such as lipsticks, lip balms, lotions, etc.)

KIM: Of course, some of our health and beauty suppliers have gone green.
Organic lip balms, insect repellants, and refillable hand sanitizers are just some of the eco-friendly printable products we offer. However, our industry has not brought in a full cosmetic line, but anything is possible.

CELESTE: Kim, would you like to add anything?

KIM: We really enjoy working with people who are interested in the green movement. We love providing them with small, simple steps that can have a big positive impact on our environment. Going green is not as difficult as some seem to think. It starts with one step forward, and working with knowledgeable people. We are more than happy to help someone take that first step. We are always here to answer questions and give bright ideas.


1) Post a comment below and

2) Email me ( to let me know
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