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Beauty With A Cause: Educating Women, Product Dedications, Donations to Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer & Scleroderma Research

Patsy Pink & Queen Amy Lip Sheers

Q&A with
Julie Ann Price
Beauty with a Cause

CELESTE: Tell us about your inspiration for Beauty With A Cause.

JULIE: I started my company after learning what was in the products I was using. I was very uncomfortable using products that contained artificial ingredients that were suspected hormone disrupters and carcinogens. I spent a great deal of time researching what was available for "safer" products and was disapointed. I couldn't find a site that had a wide range of products available at a price I could afford. So...I figured I couldn't be the only one in this position and started making my own products.

CELESTE: What sets B-cause apart from all other organic companies out there?

JULIE: B-cause has a lot of differences from other companies.
  • We are very focused on education. I want women to make smarter purchases for themselves and their families.
  • We do lectures on the connection between cancer and skin care products.
  • Our newsletter [B-cause We Care Newsletter Archive:]is full of wellness articles and product articles on products outside of the skin care arena such as laundry detergent. If my products don't fit the bill for someone, that is ok. I am more than happy to point them in other directions.
  • I offer samples ( of the majority of my line and encourage women to try before they buy. I offer a refund on the cost of the sample if you order the full size product later on. I give a full refund of the product costs to anyone who is not happy with the product.
  • Our products are named after women who have battled breast cancer, ovarian cancer and scleroderma. There is no charge to do this. It is a nice way of celebrating the strength of the women that surround us. We are a very personal company and follow up with every person who places an order.
Want to know more about product dedications? Visit our website at Beauty with a Cause

CELESTE: Do you donate a portion of the proceeds to charities?

JULIE: We donate 10% of the profits from the sale of all of our products year round to breast cancer, ovarian cancer and scleroderma research.

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CELESTE: Are all your products natural/organic?

JULIE: My products are mostly natural and many have a large percentage of certified organic ingredients. However, any product that contains water has to have a preservative to prevent against contamination. There is no such thing as a natural preservative at this time so that is where artificial ingredients do come into my product line. Having said that, none of my products contain parabens or ingredients that are highly suspected to have negative side effects.

CELESTE: If you could share an important secret to women about cosmetic and
personal care products that they may not already know-what would it be?

JULIE: Read the ingredients. Don't be fooled by marketing. Many of the big brands that are known as being "natural" have some nasty surprises hidden in their ingredient list. I have seen well known brands have one or two great non-toxic products but then see that the rest of their line is toxic.

CELESTE: If a woman is considering switching her conventional beauty products and personal care items to organic-which would be the most important product(s) to go organic first?

JULIE: The ones to switch first are the ones that she uses daily and of those, the ones that stay in contact on her skin the longest. For most women that is lotion, deodorant and facial moisturizer. To make it less overwhelming she should only replace a little at a time. When one product runs out, replace it with a non-toxic version. Whenever possible she should try a sample of the product before she invests in the full size item. Just because a product is "natural" does not mean that everyone can use it. Some women have reactions to certain essential oils and scents. That is why a sample is advisable.

CELESTE: Julie, would you like to add anything?

JULIE: We are also environmentally aware of the impact our company has on the environment. We use minimal printed material. For example, we do not include packing slips in our shipments. Our brochure is printed on recycled paper and is only distributed to first time customers. We are working on packaging that has a low impact on the environment. Our workshop uses power purchased from wind generated power sources.

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