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Central Wisconsin Raw Food Meetup Potluck: Meet Angela Cook

Attending the first Central Wisconsin Raw Food Meetup potluck

February 10, 2010, was a culinary explosion to the palate and a gift to the soul.

I’m the first one to dish up some amazing raw eats. Mmmm…

Check out more photos from the potluck below

and learn why Angela Cook wanted to start this Raw Food Meetup group.


Q&A with

Angela Cook,

Organizer of the Central Wisconsin Raw Food Meetup

Celeste: Angela, congratulations on a successful first potluck! What inspired you to start the Central Wisconsin Raw Food Meetup group?

Angela: Thank you Celeste and I’m so glad that you were able to join me! My inspiration came from my own need. I have been interested in Raw Food for about a decade. I began by juicing and eating more fruits and veggies. Then, as I learned more about it, I decided to eat around 90% Raw, as an experiment really. I’d been reading all of these amazing stories of weight loss and healing that people had experienced. I wanted to see it for myself.

For two years I stayed between 75% and 90% Raw. It was amazing. I looked and felt my very best consuming mostly Living Foods.

Then I moved up here to the Northwoods! With limited restaurant choices and cold long winters….I slipped into ‘SAD’ as it’s called (Standard American Diet). I gained weight, suffered from seasonal depression, fatigue, and developed high blood pressure. Initially, I went along with the typical protocol ~ medication, cut out the salt, exercise etc…but it didn’t work. So, I’ve tried to eat whole and organic over the last year, but it’s just not enough for me. I knew in my heart what I needed to do and that is eat mostly LIVING FOOD! I’m inspired by others and I love the camaraderie of like minded people (accountability is good too!) So, I decided to start the Pot Luck!

Celeste: What are the steps to becoming part of your ever expanding raw food group?

Angela: Click here to sign up and RSVP to the upcoming potluck.

Note: Click on “Calendar” (left hand side) on Angela’s profile to see when the next potluck will be (March 19).

Celeste: If I know nothing about raw foods, can I still attend your potlucks and if so, how do I prepare for one?

Angela: Everything you read about health encourages you to up your intake of fruits and veggies. For some this can seem boring…same pieces of fruit….same salads etc. Joining this potluck will help you learn all of the amazing ways you can use living foods to create delicious dishes! If you know nothing about preparing raw dishes, you can google “Raw Recipes” and there are LOTS! If it seems like too much information…just bring a bowl of organic fruit, raw nuts or dates.

Celeste: How can being a part of your raw food group tremendously impact my life?

Angela: Hearing stories of how eating Raw has helped people, being inspired to think out of the box when it comes to eating and preparing foods, experiencing how good you feel after eating there, as opposed to that heavy cooked meal at your last get together! As you eat less processed food and more raw, you will see the weight come off and the brain fog lift ~ what’s not to love about that!

Celeste: Share something about yourself that would surprise us.

Angela: I just registered to become a Certified Zumba Instructor! I’m 42, mother of 6 and a Grandma of 2…what am I doing!!! I’ll tell you ~ I am finally getting off my duff and striving for those things that are in my heart to do!

Celeste: Would you like to add anything else?

Angela: Two things: 1) It’s never too late to be all that God has created you to be! 2) Thank you Celeste, you are an amazing woman and you inspire me!

Don’t miss out on the March potluck.

Be sure to sign up here to attend!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Raw Food Diet: How Many Percent Raw Do We Have to Eat to be Considered a Raw Foodist?

Author: Linda Loo

The word "percent", has been mentioned continuously in the raw food world. We hear it all the time - 100% raw, 90% raw, or 75% raw...

Sometimes its as if 100% is some kind of a destination, and once we get there, its Hooray, but its almost a shame if we ever leave.

In actual fact, raw foodism is NOT a destination. Rather, it is a process of discovery.

Discovery about ourselves, how our body works and ultimately how we affect others around us.

You may already know that eating live foods instead of processed, "dead" foods, frees the body of unnecessary burdens and feeds essential nutrients to your cells.

And so for instance, if we used to eat a breakfast of microwaved pancakes with butter, but we now switch to fresh bananas with nut butter, a number of things are going to happen:

First of all, our digestive organs do not have to deal with the complex carbohydrates, processed sugar and saturated fats from the pancakes.

Hence, the body will not feel the slight comatose (its still slight because the day just began!) which usually comes after eating a starchy/fats/processed sugar combination.

Second, we are not eating microwaved ie. chemically altered foods, anymore. The impact of chemically altered foods are at worst damaging to our cells, and at best unknown!

Yes, Science has not yet uncovered the full spectrum of detriment which DNA altered foods can do to our bodies.

Third, we are flooding our bodies with first-hand natural sugars, nutrients and live enzymes from the bananas/nut butter combo.

These require less effort to assimilate (compared to the pancakes) and nourishment is delivered straight to our cells.

As a result, we feel full, energetic, alive and happy! We are now reaping the benefits of a raw food diet.

The benefits of a raw food diet can be enjoyed by taking in as many raw foods as possible.

It doesn't mean you have to be 100%, or 90%, it doesn't even have to be a percentage. Being 100% raw may not even be an appropriate goal for you in the first place. Just go at your own pace.

A person can be a 100% raw foodist, but totally unhealthy because he is overeating only a specific type of food and thus missing out on other valuable nutrients.

Or she could be overeating nuts and oils, have digestive disorders and thus suffer more from weight issues than ever!

These examples would definitely not see those incredible health benefits often raved about in the raw food world.

And does it mean that if we ever fall off from the 100% mark, we berate ourselves and take off in the opposite direction altogether?

Absolutely not! Raw foods, remember, is an on-going journey. It is an amazing process where you discover about yourself.

And it all begins with discovering how the foods you eat can affect you physiologically, emotionally and spiritually.

As long as we are mindful to eat as much unaltered, raw and fresh organic foods as we can get our hands on, we are on the right track.

So, Raw Foodism re-defined:

A Raw Foodist can be someone who acknowledges that foods he/she eat have an impact on him/her, and strives to give him/herself the best possible nutrients out of every meal.

Relax, enjoy your food and start living your life :)

(C)Copyright 2008, Linda Loo

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Linda has always been passionate about the Science of Nutrition for beauty, weight-loss, energy & longevity. She is also a successful Raw Foodist & Certified Raw Food Chef and is ever so delighted to share this gift of knowledge with fellow health enthusiasts! Visit for more free juicy information on how you can eat your way to a flawless complexion, a sexy body, AND abundant energy now!