Thursday, August 28, 2008

What are the Health Benefits of Honey?

Author: Lauren B. Wallace

Honey has been around for centuries. It offers a wide array of health benefits, ranging anywhere from sore throat relief to wound healing. However, not too many people are aware of the health benefits of this particular product. Very few people purchase the product, and those that do purchase honey end up keeping that same little bottle for a couple years. Our current use of honey is very minimal; perhaps learning more about its health attributes will entice us to incorporate it into our daily diets.

First of all, it has been proven that a spoonful of honey is more effective than cough syrup in treating coughs. Many people use the product to treat or relive cold symptoms, such as a sore throat or the common cough. The product’s antioxidant and antimicrobial effects, on the other hand, provide excellent results in wound healing. And as an added bonus, honey soothes wounds on impact.

Another benefit of honey is that it can raise antioxidant levels in the blood. This particular product has the same amount of antioxidants as spinach, apples, oranges, and strawberries. A recent study proved that people who consumed 4 tablespoons of honey with 16 ounces of water daily improved their antioxidant levels in the blood. This is very important because antioxidants protect our bodies from numerous life threatening diseases, such as cancer. And if you happen to consume calcium supplements, you should know that incorporating honey along with the supplement will enhance your calcium absorption. These are just a few of the proven benefits of honey. There are numerous other benefits, including relief from allergies. So if you want to target a specific ailment or improve your eating habits all together, consider doing some more research on the numerous health benefits of honey.

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Lauren S. Johnson writes health articles about fitness and nutrition.

Some of her favorite passions include studying the medicinal benefits of herbal remedies for antidepressants, diet pills, and hoodia gordonii.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why Garlic May Be Able To Help You Be Healthier

Author: Patricia Wagner

Garlic packs a powerful health punch! This is not a secret but a well-known fact. Garlic's health benefits have not just recently been discovered, but they've been known for centuries.

Way back in the history of China, the Chinese were well aware of the ability of the lowly garlic bulb to promote healing. Colonial American settlers also knew about these health benefits. In fact, from just about the dawn of civilization garlic has been highly regarded as a disease fighter. And this knowledge has been widespread throughout many different cultures.

You probably know that the builders of the great pyramid of Giza were garlic- eating slaves. And that was way back in 3000 B.C. The Bible tells us that the early Hebrews loved to eat garlic. Garlic was one of the things they missed the most after their exodus from Egypt. This fact is recorded in the book of numbers:
"We remember the fish, which we did eat in Egypt freely, the cucumbers, and the melons, and the leaks and the onions, and the garlic."

Although it's true that the nobility were not fond of garlic and actually avoided it, that was not true of Roman soldiers. They regularly ate garlic. One of the most famous ancient poets, Virgil, advised that reapers should eat garlic since they labored under the hot sun.
So by now it should be no surprise to you that garlic has been used to promote health for thousands of years and in many places around the world.

Today many people are convinced the common cold can be helped by eating garlic and even cancer can be fought against by eating garlic. A number of researchers believe that garlic can even relieve symptoms of rheumatism, high blood pressure, and even tuberculosis.
Scientists today, like the health professionals in ancient cultures, really are convinced garlic can enhance your health.

So far research in our day and age reveals cancer and bacterial infections can be fought against by eating the humble garlic bulb. Let's add fungal infections to that list as well. And as for stomach cancer, it's been found that there are substances in garlic that block cancers in animals used for laboratory research.

What is the name of the mysterious substance found in garlic that can fight cancer? It's called allicin. It's also the substance that accounts for garlic's unmistakable flavor.

What else can garlic do that hasn't already been mentioned in this article? Your immune system may be strengthened if you eat garlic. Your cholesterol may be lowered if you eat garlic as well. And eating garlic may just be able to protect your heart.

Dr. Benjamin Lau has been the professor of microbiology and immunology at Loma Linda University in Southern California. He has specialized in researching chemicals found in plants and he's done his research for over 20 years. He discovered garlic can help your immune system, lower your cholesterol, and wage war against cancer and other tumors.

He isn't the only one who has been researching the benefits for your health that can come from eating garlic. Other research groups have also discovered similar findings.

Garlic is offered in a number of different forms. You might not want to eat it fresh. You might prefer to take it in tablet form instead. But in whatever form garlic is ingested, it can help your health.

Since garlic is a proven health benefactor, why not add it to your diet and see if you don't become healthier.

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Discover the health benefits of garlic. Patricia Wagner writes about healthy foods to help you be healthier.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Campaign For Safe Cosmetics: Take Action Today!

Do you know what the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is?
I learned about it when I interviewed Stacy Malkan, author of Not Just A Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry.
Author Interview: Stacy Malkan: Book Title: Not Just A Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of The Beauty Industry
Stacy is co-founder of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a national coalition of health and environmental groups working to eliminate hazardous chemicals from personal care products.

I signed the petition to congress for safe cosmetics, will you?

I've since been on a journey to discover if the personal care products I'm using myself are healthy or harmful to my skin and the environment. It was pretty clear after searching my products on the website that I needed to do a little (BIG) makeover on my makeup/skincare items!

My challenging climb to a healthier skincare route came about with lots of help from Stacy Malkan, author of Just Not A Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry (, Robyn Bloom, owner of Purely Cosmetics ( and Coral Rose, Founder of Eco-Innovations (

Check out my Q&A's with each of them and feel free to comment!

Stacy Malkan:
Author Interview: Stacy Malkan: Book Title: Not Just A Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of The Beauty Industry

Robyn Bloom

Coral Rose:


Learn more about the CAMPAIGN FOR SAFE COSMETICS here:

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Socially Conscious Investing And The Law Of Abundance

Author: Roslyn Randle

To know that one has a divine right to live in abundance means that one has a respect for nature's supply. Usually those who have become abundance conscious are also environmentally conscious. With respect to nature, many who have aligned themselves with universal laws strive to incorporate every aspect of their lives with abundance principles and concepts.

Consequently, as we become more conscious, we understand that money is a seed and in many ways we are responsible for where we plant our seeds. It is only wise to search for investment options that reinforce our beliefs and lifestyle.

Environmentally sound investments are more available this century than ever before. Such investments are known as Social Funds. Social Funds made its debut on Wall Street in the 1970's and has been soaring ever since. Years ago there was concern with these funds ability to be profitable. But with growing technological advancements and an ever increasing interest in the age of spiritual and environmental consciousness, socially conscious investing has proven to be not only profitable, but consciously probable.

From investing in solar panels to buying fuel efficient cars, living a green lifestyle has never been more attractive. Due to increasing popularity with becoming environmentally conscious, one is not labeled as a weird tree hugger with too much time on their hands. Instead, taking care of Mother Earth has been championed by influential celebrities, well respected politicians, and altruistic business leaders.

With the flow of wealth and consciousness beginning to take root and manifest in many, there has been a growing concern among conscious green and holistic individuals regarding the atrocities that may have been funded using their money. Individuals who once invested, through stocks and mutual funds, for example, in companies that have been responsible for damaging the earth (i.e. alcohol, tobacco) and abusing its people (cruel labor) are now conscious and aware of their prior investments. Those living a conscious, abundant, and green lifestyle are appalled that their dollars have contributed to situations that do not match their personal values.

According to The Social Investment Forum, an environmentally friendly organization made up of like minded investors, estimates that 10 percent of all investments are made with social values in mind. The forum also counts 151 socially responsible mutual funds with assets of more than $148 billion, up from $111 billion in 2001; an outstanding increase from its humble, yet highly influential beginnings.

Many who are environmentally and socially conscious gain the greatest return on their investments knowing that their money hasn't supported or had any type of horrid effect on nature, its people, and the community at large. These types of investors have seen the bigger picture and realize that the end results yield the highest return.

But still there are those individuals who don't quite yet feel comfortable trading their conventional stocks for socially conscious funds. One shouldn't beat themselves up. Start slowly. Begin to use the profits of conventional investing to further your socially conscious agenda. Use the funds to reinvest in your causes by:

1. Becoming a "Green" Angel Investor. By supporting start-up/ environmentally conscious organizations, in time nature and its people will begin to feel the positive trickle effects of these worthwhile efforts.

2. Independently invest in organizations that advocate social change. Become involved and rally around organizations which lobby and challenge congress to create "greener" laws.

3. Diversify your investment portfolio by having more Social Funds than Conventional Funds.

Spirituality and morally, if you take care of nature, nature will in turn take care of you. It is never too late to discover spiritual and universal laws that will guide you into creating the life that one desires. Trust in and align yourself with the Laws of Nature and you will soon see that living green will yield much green, spiritually and financially.

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Roslyn Randle is an accomplished writer. Create a life of continuous wealth and flow. Visit Abundance Training 101: The Universal Law Of Abundance. Also learn the secrets of permanent weight loss. - Keep weight off and make money while doing it. Visit How to Lose Weight While Becoming A Wellness Coach

Sunday, August 3, 2008

What are the benefits of goat's milk soap?

Dog Nose Best Bakery & More

Q: What are the benefits of using goat's milk soap?
A: Leaves your skin sensually soft and silky smooth, and smells wonderful.

Q: Are your soaps for the face and/or body?
A: Yes, I have shaving ones too.

Q: What vitamins and minerals are in your soap?
A: B6,Vitamin A, B12 and more.

Q: What is something about goat's milk soap that consumers may not be aware of?
A: Its very soothing on bites from bugs.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Olive Oil Skin Care Tricks For Healthy Skin

Author: James Allen

We all want to keep our skin looking and feeling as young and healthy as possible, right? Because the price of many skin care products is so high though, you might think you'll never be able to afford to give your skin the treatment it deserves. Stop thinking that way. You see, one of the best products you can use to improve and maintain your skin's health is also one of the simplest and least expensive. It's olive oil. Here's just a few olive oil skin care solutions you can start using today.

Many name-brand skin moisturizers are not only expensive, but contain many unnatural chemicals in them. If you want to save money and improve the suppleness and glow of your skin, replace these with a simple mixture of one cup virgin olive oil mixed with a half a cup of white vinegar and half a cup of water. You can use this as you would any moisturizing cream. You'll find that the olive oil immediately makes your skin feel softer, while the mild acidic properties of the vinegar help cleanse the skin.

You can use this on your face, your feet and your hands. (Don't get any in your eyes though.) If you use this as an overnight treatment, put cotton gloves or socks on to improve the results.

Keep in mind, olive oil is quite effective straight out of the bottle too, especially when rubbed on dry patches of skin. This is great for particular problem areas such as ankles, elbows and knees. Take your time to rub it gently into these areas, but don't overdo it as excessive rubbing could further crack and damage these dry spots before they have time to moisturize and heal.

Also, some people have reported excellent results in terms of improved skin glow just from adding a few tablespoons of quality olive oil to their bath. A few drops of your favorite oil, such as patchouli or sandalwood added to the mix makes for very relaxing tub time that will further improve your skin with no real effort at all.

There are other areas of your skin that often need extra care and attention and olive oil works wonders for these too. For example, chapped and dried lips will benefit very quickly from the application of a bit of oil. Furthermore, if you have a problem with dried and cracking fingernails, or flaking of the skin around your cuticles, you may find that soaking your fingers in a bowl of oil for fifteen or twenty minutes each day puts an end to these annoyances.

So before you go and shell out any more of your hard-earned cash for expensive skin care products, swing by your local grocery store or natural food store and pick up a bottle of inexpensive virgin olive oil instead. Not only will you save money, you may also discover this natural skin care solution is even more effective.

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Many people also add nutritional supplements such as sea vegg to their diet to improve skin health. If you're concerned about your skin, you can learn more about this and other effective supplements by visiting right now.

Is There A Safe And Effective Cure For Hot Flashes?

Author: Linda Bruton

If you're a woman and you're in menopause, then it almost goes without saying that you've suffered from hot flashes at one time or another. Hot flashes affect 75-85% of all women in menopause to varying degrees. It is not completely understood exactly what causes them, but most agree that it is due to hormonal imbalances caused by changes in the level of estrogen. Because they can be so uncomfortable and disruptive, most women are searching for a safe cure for hot flashes.

Some of the earliest symptoms of menopause are hot flashes, abnormal menstrual bleeding, and mood swings. Hot flashes and night sweats often result in sleep problems and insomnia, which can lead to anxiety and depression. Women in menopause quite often also experience heart palpitations, vaginal dryness, weight gain, loss of libido, and urinary changes. Some women float through menopause with few symptoms, but for most of us it's a different story. Is it any wonder that searching for a safe and effective cure for hot flashes can be such a priority?

Since the imbalance is caused by falling estrogen levels, it makes sense that estrogen itself is the most effective treatment for hot flashes. That's why for so many years Estrogen Replacement Therapy (ERT) – also known as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) – has been the primary cure for hot flashes. In fact, it generally results in an 80 to 90% reduction in hot flashes and other symptoms.

The peak age for hot flashes is the early 50's, but many women start getting them in their 40's. There is also a growing number of women who have undergone breast cancer treatment who suffer from hot flashes as well. Estrogen is the most prescribed medication to cure hot flashes, often as a pill or a skin patch. Generally, the amount of estrogen it takes to reduce hot flashes and other symptoms is less than the amount needed for normal menstrual periods. In recent years, doctors have prescribed much lower dosages than in the past.

Unfortunately, very recent studies have made it very clear that hormone replacement can increase the risk of breast cancer, uterine cancer, and strokes. That means the hot flash cure can be worse then just coping with the symptoms. This has led increasing numbers of women to search for a more natural cure for hot flashes.

Breast cancer survivors don't even have the option of using estrogen as a cure for hot flashes. The concern is that taking estrogen would cause the reappearance and further growth of breast cancer cells. Hot flashes then become a routine occurence in women undergoing breast cancer treatment. Many of these women have severe hot flashes.

Fortunately, there are natural remedies and strategies that can lessen the effects of hot flashes and other symptoms. Many women have turned to herbal remedies that include black cohosh, soy, and vitamin E. They have found these natural remedies to be an effective part of their search of a cure for hot flashes. Lifestyle and dietary changes also play a part. Foods and beverages that often increase hot flashes are alcohol, caffeine, and hot, spicy foods. Removing them from the diet can improve your symptoms. Increasing physical activity will also help.

In summary, hot flashes are the most common symptom faced by women going through menopause. They are caused by changing levels of hormones, especially of estrogen. Hormone Replacement Therapy is still the most prescribed cure for hot flashes. However, women are increasingly investigating natural remedies due to the increase in breast cancer, uterine cancer, and stroke risk associated with HRT. Fortunately, they don't last forever. For most women, they will decrease in intensity and frequency. It's only a matter of time.

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Discover how YOU can stop your hot flashes and menopausal symptoms without HRT. Pick up your free special report ”Coping with Hot Flashes the Natural Way” by clicking here: