Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Real Purity Cosmetics. Real & Pure. Clean Natural Make-Up.

My cosmetic goodies from Real Purity just arrived so I immediately sampled everything. On a scale of 1-10, with 1o being the best, this line gets a 10+ rating from me. Real and pure, just like the name implies. This company is the real deal and when they say "natural", they mean it.

What sets Real Purity apart from all the rest of the cosmetic lines? They are: truly all NATURAL, environmentally friendly (for us & Mother Earth), cruelty-free (no animal testing), in addition to full size products->they sell sample sizes so you can find the colors/products that best suit you, reasonable prices (they put people before profit), fast shipping, no mega marketing hoopla or advertising hype, and Real Purity was founded by Virginia Easterling Jenkins.

FOUNDATION: I've been wearing mineral powder foundation but wanted to try a chemical-free liquid foundation (very hard to find) and alas, here it is, the Health Glow Foundation! I like a clean natural look and this rice bran foundation is perfect. It's lightweight, evens out skin tone with full coverage. To learn about the benefits of rice bran oil, click here.

LIPS: Did you know that some name brand lipsticks have unsafe levels of lead in them?
YES! Hard to believe, but true. We ingest our lipsticks and lip balms so make sure they are all natural and non-toxic! Normally, I'm a DIY lip balm wearer but after discovering Real Purity's natural lipsticks, I'll opt for color on occasion. They are moisturizing like a lip balm and come in fun colors that will brighten anyone's day. Order a few samples to check out the colors. Mix and match to create your own color.

BLUSH: Enough of bronzer, already! I chose Golden Pink, a big pot of beautiful powder blush.

EYE SHADOW: Lots of colors to choose from. Available in sample sizes as well as regular sizes here. Have fun!

To see all the products that Real Purity offers,
click here.

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