Friday, November 7, 2008

Honeybee Gardens Mercury-Free Mascara, Water-Based Nail Polish Suncoat,All Natural Creations Face Cream, Karma Naturals Organic Body Products

After my research today, I'm thrilled to find some black nail polish without the harsh chemicals, mercury-free mascara, face lotion that is NOT linked to cancer and my recent discovery-->>Karma Naturals, specializing in Natural & Organic body products.

Check them out and if you've tried any of them, be sure to post a comment below:)

Mercury-Free Mascara

Water-Based Nail Polish

Acquarella Nail Polish ($18)
  • Rates a 0 on Skin Deep
  • NOT linked to cancer
Suncoat Nail Polish ($7.63)
  • "In Suncoat water-based nail polish, all the chemical solvents are replaced by water. The major ingredient is water, not chemical solvents! So when Suncoat water-based nail polish is being applied, it is only water that evaporates to the air, not toxic chemical fumes."

Face Lotion That Is All Natural!
All Natural Creations Light Shea Butter Lotion ($10 + $4.95 s&h)
  • Rates a 1 on Skin Deep
  • NOT linked to cancer
  • Compact for Safe Cosmetics signor
Natural & Organic Body Products
Karma Naturals
  • All natural or organic lip balms, gloss, blush, foundations plus more
  • Compact for Safe Cosmetics signor


Clara said...

I LOVE Afterglow! I have a lot of their products and their all natural mascara is amazing! It stays on all day, doesn't smudge at all and washes off with just soap and water. Also - my eyes are very sensitive and this mascara doesn't irritate them at all! I found that it's super easy to find my shades with Afterglow's online beauty advisor.

You should also check out Trilogy Skincare - they are from New Zealand and use a lot of rosehips in the products. Every time I use Trilogy I feel like I just stepped out of a spa! :) I usually buy my trilogy products from one of the retailers that sells them online. :)

Clara said...

Oh I forgot to mention in my last comment that I have tried Honeybee's mascara but it made my eyes water. That's when I looked for another mercury free mascara and found Afterglow's Pure Soul Mascara which is organic and also mercury free. I have used a bunch of Honeybee's nailpolishes and really do love them!

Angel (I love rice moisturizer) Rice said...

Rice moisturizer is one natural moisturizers it helps protect the skin from being damaged by UVA and UVB which are the cause of melasma, freckle, and skin cancer. Because it has plentiful minerals, unsaturated fatty acid and vitamins especially the natural vitamin E which is in high quantity as Tocols (Tocopherol & Tocotrienol), Gamma-Qryzanol and Ceramide.

Living Nature said...


Thank you for the article, very informative. Also, please consider my website for a one-stop source for ONLY natural & organic beauty & bath products, like Afterglow cosmetics & Livign Nature from New Zealand ... BTW, love this blog!
P.S. Labs makes a great rice face polish called Samurai Scrub Rice & Enzyme Face Polish hope that helps!