Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dangers of Aluminum, Toxic, Alzheimer's Disease, Health Risk, Aluminum Foil, Deodorant,Pots, Pans

Have you limited your exposure to aluminum?

I've made the switch to aluminum-free deodorant (Crystal); however the next to go is aluminum foil! Glass mason jars & glass Pyrex storage sets are going to replace aluminum foil (and plastics) in my kitchen.

YES, it's a continual process to be aware of items which contain aluminum so that you can minimize YOUR exposure.

Healing With Nutrition explains "One of the main toxic elements associated with Alzheimer's Disease is aluminum. Brain cells get tangled and die off; a study has shown that aluminum is a cofactor in the formation of these neurofibrillary tangles. As people get older, their body's ability to detoxify harmful toxins like aluminum decreases, and so concentrations of toxins remain and build up to unhealthy levels. This logically explains why Alzheimer's Disease usually occurs in relation to age increases. Also explained is the fact that those with Alzheimer's Disease show higher levels of aluminum.

What products contain aluminum?

Healing With Nutrition lists "Aluminum exposure also comes from deodorants; pots, pans, and silverware; food wrapped with aluminum foil; and non-dairy creamer, baking powder, and many brands of table salt. Minimal exposure to these items is crucial in keeping aluminum levels low. "

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