Friday, October 24, 2008

Ada Cosmetics: Vegan Mineral Veil Foundation & Mineral Blush. Why Mineral Makeup?

In my quest to find a vegan foundation and blush that is NOT linked to cancer, I have discovered Ada (ah-dah) Cosmetics. They produce a mineral veil foundation and a mineral blush that both rate a 1 on the Skin Deep database ( Yay!

Where can you purchase Ada Cosmetics?
Visit Natural Healthcare Store for your Ada Cosmetics products.

Ada Cosmetics is a signor of Campaign for Safe Cosmetics AND NIRC's "Truth in Labeling".
They have pledged to use natural ingredients and assures the use of NO chemical ingredients known or thought to have major negative effects including LINKS TO CANCER. They do not test on animals.

To learn more about Ada Cosmetics, visit them here:

Why Mineral Make-Up?
  • Purity! Mineral cosmetics are loose powders containing crushed minerals that have been extracted from the Earth's surface. Many dermatologists report that because high quality mineral cosmetics eliminate the use of classic "irritants" such as fragrances, binders, synthetics, dyes, and preservatives it is considered "purer" and can be kinder and gentler to the skin (see Dr. Endorsements). Additionally, it's not absorbed into the skin and won't clog pores, but actually adheres to the skin providing perfect coverage all day!

  • Natural SPF! Mineral make-up is formulated with a high concentration of the natural minerals titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are two ingredients commonly used in sunscreens. These minerals offer a natural sun protection effectively blocking both UVA and UVB rays. Ada Cosmetics offer protection of up to SPF20.

  • Water Resistant! Mineral make-up is water resistant and does not smear with perspiration making it the perfect choice active individuals. Great for athletes including swimmers, runners and bikers in addition to anyone who might get caught in the rain. Just pat dry with a towel!

  • Non-Comedogenic, Non-Acnegenic, Anti-inflammatory! Mineral make-up is so gentle it's recommended by many Doctors! Two of the main ingredients in mineral make-up, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, are known for their natural anti-inflammatory properties (see Dr. Endorsements).

Why Ada Cosmetics?
  • Better Prices! Ada Cosmetics provides it mineral cosmetics at the best price! As compared with the top brands you'll save 40% to 85%!

  • Better Ingredients! Ada Cosmetics prides itself on using only top quality ingredients! As such, Ada is a step above Bare Minerals and Sheer Cover as it excludes Bismuth Oxy-Chloride an ingredient known to irritate the skin causing itching, rashes, and cystic acne. See our comparison chart below!

  • Dr. Endorsements! As a result of its high quality ingredients Ada has received multiple Dr. Endorsements supporting the safe, effective and therapeutic effects of their make-up products.

  • Pure and Natural! Ada Cosmetics is a proud signer of both the NIRC's "Truth in Labeling" pledge and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Pledge. These pledges commit that Ada both uses natural ingredients and assures the use of no chemical ingredients known or thought to have major negative effects including links to cancer. Note that many major cosmetic companies have thus far refused to sign this pledge including Bare Minerals and Sheer Cover (as of 11/5/07). Review links to Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and NIRC.


Melanie said...

I've been using Ada Cosmetics for in excess of a year now and I love it! They have a great foundation and blush product that is 100% pure and natural. They also make a 100% pure mascara which is very difficult to find! I also love their lip glosses that use wonderful, healthy and moisturizing oils that blend beautifully to give a very colorful, but natural look! Thanks for the blog!

Natural Healthcare Store said...

We are the Natural Healthcare Store (referenced above) and are a national distributor for Ada Cosmetics! We carry a full selection of their mineral make-up line including foundation, blush, finishing veil, mascara, lip gloss, eye colors, and more! We also carry trail packets for light, medium and dark foundations in addition to a blush trail packet, which are each very helpful in allowing you to determine your best color blend at a very economical cost! Please visit for more information on these and many other complimentary all natural skin and health care products! Thank you and we look forward to serving you!