Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who Should Use Shea Butter?

Author: Joseph Constant

Who should be using Shea butter? Everyone! Whether you have white skin, black skin, brown skin, yellow skin, or purple skin this product is for you. Down below are three areas where you can benefit from it:

1. Shea Butter for your Face

The face is the main beneficiary of the daily use of the product. Massage your face using a small portion of the butter. Pay attention to the lower part of the nose, to the corner of your lips, ears and finally your forehead. After shaving, apply it again to avoid bumps.

2. Shea Butter for your Hair

A person with beautiful hair can enhance beauty tremendously. To rejuvenate your hair, massage a generous amount of African Shea butter on your scalp and in your hair.

Not only does it act as a good moisturizer for your scalp after you have washed your hair; it improves hair texture and has even been shown to stimulate hair growth.

3. Shea Butter for your Body

Shea butter penetrates deep into the skin to provide a lasting protection against the cold & the sun. Because of its softness followed by its high nonsaponifiable fraction,it is excellent for a body massage.

Sun & Summer: Apply it in the evening to regain freshness. Refer to the treatment mentioned for your hair which gets dry in the summer. Do not hesitate to oil hair before swimming and to maintain this treatment after the season is over. Your skin suffers during the whole summer.

Regular use of it in addition to sun screen products, before and after sun exposition, leaves you with tanned skin and avoids peeling. It is no longer popular for men to have lined skin.

Use Shea butter after shaving for a healthy and younger feeling skin. Gentlemen, at least once a week, apply a generous amount from head to foot, with special care for joint (elbows and knees), toes, heels and nails.

Sport and Shea Butter: Shea butter is recommended for people who are active in sports. It has been used by African for centuries to relieve muscles tension and stress. Before an effort Shea butter accelerates warm-ups.

Afterwards it helps drain toxins from sore muscles for a faster recovery. If you do experience pain due to strenuous activity such as running, fighting, or heavy lifting, apply a generous amount of the butter and rub in a circular motion to the area that is under pain. Wet a towel in warm water; squeeze the towel until the towel is lightly damp. Gently press the towel over the affected area.

This allows the Shea butter to easily absorb into the skin to perform its job. Within a moment of time, the pain should settle down. Do not throw away your Bengay or painkillers just yet.

If you find that the butter does not do anything to ease the pain, you can always go back to what you were using before.

What an amazing product. If you are not convinced by the benefits listed above, that is fine; there are more benefits associated with this amazing product that apply to everybody, even yourself.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/non-fiction-articles/who-should-use-shea-butter-119707.html

About the Author:
Joseph Constant is the founder of A.R. Skincare, a company devoted to community awareness of Premium Grade Shea butter. Please visit http://www.premium-grade-sheabutter.com/Benefits.html to discover what benefits from using the highest quality of this great product.

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