Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Soap Nuts!

Author: Cathy Herard

If you haven't already heard of or tried soap nuts, you are going to want to find out where you can get them and wonder why you haven't been using them your entire laundry washing life! They are amazing and grow on trees. Basically, soap nuts are the dried shells of the soapberry. The shells actually contain a substance called saponin, which provides a soaping affect, but no foaming like chemical filled commercial "detergents." The trees grow in India and Nepal and are a sustainable resource that gives a source of income to the local population. I have personally switched to using soap nuts for my laundry needs and am way more pleased than ever! There are no harsh chemicals being used to launder my family's clothing and better yet, I don't use any type of fabric softener because the soap nuts do that naturally! Just like with traditional detergents, soap nuts sometimes need a little "support" in getting out tougher odors and stains. I usually add borax if this is the case with my laundry.

Soap nuts are truly the most organic and pure way of cleaning your laundry and other things around your home. There is minimal waste(no big plastic jug like with commerical detergents) for a much smaller impact on the environment! My favorite soap nuts are from a company called NaturOli. A visit to their website gives you a feeling of relaxation, purity, and wellness! Besides soap nuts they offer many other pure and natural products as well. I love and have tried several of their skincare line as well as their soap nuts! Check them out, you will be glad you did.

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Cathy is an advocate for all things eco-friendly which includes everything organic and and as close to natural as possible. She is devoted to creating a healthier environment for her family and their future.

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