Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Are You A Locavore?

From Dictionary.com we bring you the word locavore!

Definition: a person who attempts to eat only foods grown locally
Example: Locavores grow their own food or buy foodstuffs grown within their region.

Which one are YOU?
Post your answer in the comment section!

  • I am a locavore
  • I want to be a locavore
  • I don't want to be a locavore


Anonymous said...

I am not a locavore. Well I am a partial locavore. A person at my office tried it and she was really dedicated, but she gave it up after a month and said it was too hard in the end. I think it is good to eat local whenever possible. Vermont restaurants really try to do that, but people work and life gets busy. So convenience is a major factor. Not to mention time.

Sara said...

I am a Locavore when I can be but in Vermont the growing season is very short. I do drink local milk and I grow vegetables during the summer for my appetite. My family raises organic beef so that helps as well.