Saturday, October 24, 2009

What Steps Has Your Family Taken To Go More Green? Linked In Members Respond!

What steps has your family taken to go more green?

Dave Maskin wrote:
"If we all do a little bit, it will add up BIG TIME!"
  • The one big thing we've done is to change out our regular light bulbs for compact fluorescent ones.
  • Also, completely unplugging cable boxes and TVs when not in use, as well as computers and modems.

Hans Chung wrote:
"I think that helping more people go green by focusing
on greening business has the most impact."
  • I went green by starting my own company to help other people and companies go green while saving money or driving revenue.
  • We let you plant a tree for $1. Consumers can send them to each other or companies can use them as rewards.

Taylor Ellwood wrote:
"It comes down to making little choices, but those
little choices can have a big effect on how you live your life."
  • We've changed our lights to flourescent bulbs
  • Started composting
  • Even making sure not to throw out a paper bag we use to collect paper for recycling...

  • I buy mostly fresh foods with as little packaging as I can manage.
  • I turn off all lights that I am not using.
  • My apartment is cooler.
  • I watch water consumption.
  • Although I use plastic bags, I recycle them.
  • I repair, rather than throw out, and buy most clothes on e-Bay.
  • I do not own a car.

Shane Wyatt McCartney wrote:
  • Recycle
  • Changed out lights to LEDS
  • Down to one car and plan our shopping drives better
  • Composting
  • Green roof and siding ( Started not complete )
  • Turned off room lights when not in use

Beate Bouwman wrote:
  • In a family with five young kids we don't use a tumble dryer or dishwasher,
  • Buy either very good clothes or second hand
  • In business, I promote low energy houses (wood - frame-construction with use of loam products (very high insolation), regenerating energy from sun and water etc.).
  • My husband is also into MPC.

Aurora Bramble wrote:
"If everyone lived simply maybe everyone could live a decent life. I don't want to be one of the small % of people to use the great % of resources."
  • I now buy all my personal and cleaning products green
  • I look for organic cotton and bamboo fabrics in clothes bedding towels
  • I got the electric company to come out and put in free insulation for the top floor of my apartment building
  • I sat in on my city's green committee came up with a plan for green incentives for businesses in my city and gave it to the chairman
  • I got the city to include the end of my block a triangular shape included into the city's beautification project. They made a beautiful little park lush and full of flowers and some picnic tables
  • I ride my bike pretty much everywhere
  • I consume as little as possible i am big time into simplicity
  • I buy all my produce from a farmer's market and i am a vegan the rest I buy at whole foods organic
  • X-mas lights this year LED
  • Cards recycled paper
  • I rarely use lights in my apartment because it is bright here so i get up when it's light and wide down when it gets dark and i use candles for atmosphere made.
  • If everyone lived simply maybe everyone could live a decent life. I don't want to be one of the small % of people to use the great % of resources. I live in an apartment so it is tricky to grow vegetables and herbs but I'm trying.

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