Thursday, August 28, 2008

What are the Health Benefits of Honey?

Author: Lauren B. Wallace

Honey has been around for centuries. It offers a wide array of health benefits, ranging anywhere from sore throat relief to wound healing. However, not too many people are aware of the health benefits of this particular product. Very few people purchase the product, and those that do purchase honey end up keeping that same little bottle for a couple years. Our current use of honey is very minimal; perhaps learning more about its health attributes will entice us to incorporate it into our daily diets.

First of all, it has been proven that a spoonful of honey is more effective than cough syrup in treating coughs. Many people use the product to treat or relive cold symptoms, such as a sore throat or the common cough. The product’s antioxidant and antimicrobial effects, on the other hand, provide excellent results in wound healing. And as an added bonus, honey soothes wounds on impact.

Another benefit of honey is that it can raise antioxidant levels in the blood. This particular product has the same amount of antioxidants as spinach, apples, oranges, and strawberries. A recent study proved that people who consumed 4 tablespoons of honey with 16 ounces of water daily improved their antioxidant levels in the blood. This is very important because antioxidants protect our bodies from numerous life threatening diseases, such as cancer. And if you happen to consume calcium supplements, you should know that incorporating honey along with the supplement will enhance your calcium absorption. These are just a few of the proven benefits of honey. There are numerous other benefits, including relief from allergies. So if you want to target a specific ailment or improve your eating habits all together, consider doing some more research on the numerous health benefits of honey.

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