Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Iliopark Protects The Cars Against The Sun and Produce Electricity: By Christophe Parot

Christophe Parot

To produce photovoltaïque electricity, while shading the cars against the sun and collecting the rain water : these are the services provided by iliopark, a shelter designed by the french company Impact Energie, located in Annecy.

Many had the idea, but the two Impact-énergie founders did it. Christophe Parot, 48, agronomist and MBA, quited research to act in the field of renewable energy. Jean-Claude Bavoillot, ENSAM engineer, spécialised in the car industry, industrial production and management.

Today, the two associated are marketing Iliopark, a park shelter to protect the cars against the sunlight. Iliopark is also transforming solar energy into photovoltaic electricity and collect the rain water.

The conception integrated the different functions in an modular, esthetic product, easy to install.

The basic unit is made for two vehicules. The area covered with photovoltaic is 24 square meter. The pannels are made in Spain. The power is 3 KW peak. The pannels are oriented to the sun to 12°, to fulfill many potentiel locations. Park are easier to equip than buildings, where the roof is often not in the right direction, or used by air conditioning equipment. The whole iliopark area is available for production.

The connection with the grid will depend of the distance of the park from your electric transformer. Electricity can be used to charge electric vehicule batteries, like scooters or bicycles.

Annual production in the Rhône Alpes area is reaching 3 250 KWh for each unit. In France the feed in tariff is 0,57 euro / KW/h. This is producing a 1 800 euro annual income for the happy owner, for each installed unit. The return over investment is about 15 years. Iliopark is a technical and financial product.

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