Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Collect Rainwater and Reuse by Christophe Parot

Christophe Parot

In many countries, water scarsity is a problem. To collect the water rain is an old and effective solution. The collected quantity will depend of the annual water shed. Iliopark can also resist to exeptional snow shed, up to 80 cm. Collected water can be used to water gardens but also to clean vehicles.

The design of the shelter has been made by Caligo, from Annecy, who draw elegant lines. The structure of the shelter is steel made.

Christophe Parot and Jean Claude Bavoillot are prospecting several projects, for example eco-villages, but companies are collectivities are also interested.

A licence is available worldwide. http://franchise.iliopark.com

The basic unit cost of an iliopark is 28 000 euros, for two car park, the cost to connect the shelter to the grid is not included. This is depending on the distance. For a 1 000 units installation, the cost is deacreasing to 18 000 euros.

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